Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Ones you love

It is intresting to me how much love you can have for someone. On my birthday the love of my life proved to me just how right he is for me and how much I really need him. See yesterday was my birthday and things weren't going as well as I would have pictured. Some people in my family, ones that are really important to me, feel that I shouldn't be getting married. He( the family member) cant seem to be happy for anyone who is happy because he isn't happy himself. When he found out I was getting married he tried to make everything about him. Anyhow he called me and wished me a happy birthday, talked to me about family things, and left me in tears. I call my favorite Aunt to ask about a rumor and find out many horrible things that have happened to my family. Anyhow I am feeling overwhelmed because I am stressed about the wedding, Finals, work, my family, and my father telling me I shouldn't get married and then Josh, my beloved, called and told me he wouldn't be coming to my house until today. I needed him so he decided to come up. I had gone straight home to find my house decorated, 2 dozen red roses on the table, and dinner cooking in the crock pot. I went and laid down and then Josh came in my room and held me. He just held me and let me talk to him until I felt good enough to continue the day.

I have never had the feeling that every thing would be ok, just because I was in his arms. Love is such a great feeling. I pray that everyone will be able to feel this feeling at least once in there life time.

Keep your chins up

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