Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Time to let another one go

I am a masochist, what can I say. I like to hurt myself but only before anyone else can. See my best friend is a guy, no offense to the girls but I cant stand being friends with you. Girls are mean so I have always had a really close guy friend. The last guy friend that left was T and it was because I had fallen for him and he couldn't see us being more then friends (whatever). Anyhow my best friend Jamie* has met a girl. This doesn't bother me what bothers me is that since A has shown up I have been booted out of the circle. J and I use to study together during the week just so we could spend time together. But I haven't seen him, other then at church, in three weeks. Well I lied we see each other 3 times a week at 5:30 am at the gym, what a lovely time sweaty and gross. My favorite. Anyhow I went to his house last night to do homework and A was there. Well they were all cuddling on the couch and being all lovely and I had to sit and watch. I cant handle that, if you are dating great but don't be all over each other with me there. Yucky!!!

Anyhow I became jealous because I cant handle not spending anytime with him, and knowing the time we use to spend together is being spent with her. So I am slowly backing out of the friend ship so that they can have there space.

I don't want to get hurt and so it is easier to leave the situation with a clean cut. Anyhow that is all I wanted to say. Have a wonderful day.

Yeah, that's the crappy thing about being friends with guys. You're always kicked to the curb when the find someone else. I haven't found many that can remain friends while they have a significant other.
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