Tuesday, January 31, 2006


You blink.. its gone

Do you ever feel that if you blink everything that you knew existed will be gone? I felt this way this weekend. Mind you it was because I was feeling sorry for myself. Anyhow I feel like my world is changing fast and yet I am not changing with it.

My best friend has found a love, or love has found him and now I am left alone. I am truely happy for him yet at the same time I hate him for leaving me alone. I am jealous that he spends the time with her that he use to spend with me.

Life was easier once, wish it could be that way again. Remember when we were kids and we could tell someone the truth and they were just as truthful? For instance I told Todd I liked him we "dated" for a few weeks in elementary. Which really consisted of us sharing candy at recess and talking on the phone a couple of times. Then he decided he didn't like me any more and he told me so.

Why, when we get older cant we express ourselves like this anymore? Why are we afraid of hurting someones feelings. I think the truth is much nicer and safer then fibbing. Anyhow I am done for now.


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