Wednesday, January 04, 2006


A break after the holiday break

Do you ever feel that you need to take a break after the one you have already taken? Well After this past holiday I could use a few days for me and me alone. I love the fact that for the first time in 19 years my whole family was together for Christmas. I also love my family but with the holiday I felt like I was running around so much that I didn't get a chance to relax. Even after Christmas I was going to take a day to veg, well that didn't happen. I actually ended up running still. I have decided that this weekend I will be staying in my Pj's from Friday when I get home from work till Sunday before church. It should be nice. I am turning off my phone and shutting out the world.

Anyhow and update about B. Well I have decided that he really isn't interested at all. See he came home last Friday and I saw him for about 2 minutes on Sunday. We said hi and then he made a mad dash for the door. I thought It would be a nice thing to invite him for dinner and a movie, well I guess I was wrong. He didn't answer his phone or call me back. Monday I had a bunch of people come over to play games so I thought I would invite B.. Well he had something he thought he had to do but if he couldn't remember it he would come. Either way he said he would call me. Well he didn't, He texted me yesterday about noon and told me that what he thought he had to do on Monday he actually had to do it on Tuesday. I feel like all of these things are excuses to not seeing me. Which is fine, just tell me you aren't interested. For someone who doesn't want to play games he sure knows how.

Why can't guys just be honest? I wish guys would just tell me how they really feel. It makes the guessing game so much easier and then I don't get confused. Needless to say I have erased his number from my phone and have no intentions of ever calling him again. If he comes and talks to me at church then good on him but that is all the effort I will make.

So school starts next Monday and I am so ready. I am sick of being bored, it will take my mind off of all the dumb things that I need to do.

I haven't written down my New Year's Resolutions so I thought I would jot a few down here.
1. Do more service projects.
2. Be nicer to my sister.
3. Work on having a relationship with my mom.
4. Lose 100 pounds or 10 pant sizes by next January.
5. Stop swearing.
6. No drinking soda, and cut back on my sugar intake.
7. Find a decent guy to date and eventually get engaged, I would love for this to happen sooner then later, but this is in the lords hands.
8. Get my Associates degree, and get accepted into the interpreting program.
9. Meet and hang out with a few new friends.
10. Make a quilt.

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