Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Its not me this time!!!

So last night I am online, yes, looking for a new man to attack. When all of a sudden I get this Instant message, I had to look twice and rub my eyes. This cant be right why would he be talking to me? I am not sure usually After a few weeks I am the one writing an apology trying to make the guy understand that I am not the clingy loser that they think I am. Anyhow Jake, I know Jake, the one who stood me up twice , yes the very same one he wrote me. He asked me not to hate him, told me that he missed talking with me and asked if we could be friends. He said his sister told him I was clingy and that I should stop talking to him.. Then he tells me that he also feared that he wouldn't be able to control his hormones, Because I am soooo hot, Whatever more like he was afraid he wouldn't be attracted to me. Anyhow after about an hour of talking I finally gave him my number again. Then I told him I need to go I had to great ready for bed. He said he was hurt because before that I use to let him keep me up till eleven. Why did he think that he still had the same privledges? I am not sure. I told him if he really wanted to be my friend and make things work he was going to have to make all the effort because I was in no mood to get hurt again. He said he didn't want to hurt me, How many times have I heard that one. More then once, that is for sure.

Well now I sit and wait, yeah right. I pretend that he doesn't exist, exactly. Anyhow I have come to realize I only write about boys in here.. I am retarded.

So yesterday I got a package from my sister and mom in Texas. They sent cute halloween things. It was really nice. Only problem is I vowed that I was going to stop eating candy and then I get a whole bunch from them. . Not that I eat alot but I wanted to be really good.

I feel really dumb, see my dad calls me this morning and asks what my plans are for next weekend. I ask Why then he casually reminds me that his b-day is next week.. Man, as a daughter I really suck. In case you are wondering Sheena I remember that Dixie and your birthdays are coming up.. That reminds me What do you want you still haven't told me. I know I need to be creative but I need help.. Anyhow I guess I am done for now. I am trying to waste time because I have to wait for a program to be installed on my computer before I can continue a project.. Well I guess I will find somehting exciting to do.. Until next time.


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