Tuesday, November 22, 2005


It took me 5 months but I finally did it

Five months ago I saw this guy, he was gorgeous. Anyhow I felt that we had a connection. When are eyes met there were sparks, well there were for me. Anyhow So I am not brave and so I havent talked to him. Well in August my ward went to BearLake and there he was. He announced that he was single and looking, my perfect opportunity, So I thought. Any how later that night we are watching a movie and I see him snuggling up with some girl. I Lost my chance, yet the rest of the weekend I dont see him with a girl at all.. Hmmm well a long story short he wasn't dating anyone and still isn't. I have just been to scared to talk to him. Until last night. We are going for a Hay ride(for family home evening) and he give the lesson. Well I happen to be near him and he says hi. Well then we are all getting on the trailer and he realizes I dont have any gloves, it was freezing and I was unprepared. I didnt know we were doing this and I can straight from school. Anyhow he offers me his gloves.. I tell you what if he asked me to marry him I would say yes.. Ok maybe not but still we end up talking and yes. I finally think I might have a chance.

Enough about that. So I am on my way to work today and I get a flat tire. It really sucks. I hate that and I dont have any money to fix it so I have to drive around on my spare until I can come up with some cash..

Well enought about me.. have a great Turkey Day.. Gobble gobble.

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