Friday, October 28, 2005



I have to admit I have been a slacker. I am sorry forgive me please. Anyhow I have been working on a new project at work and I have been a bit distracted. Just an updat on my dating life. See I had a date with this guy Jake last weekend. Well low and behold he stood me up an hour before we were suppose to go out. What is that? why can't guys just admit that they dont want to date you? I mean I didn't ask him out he asked me. Anyhow I have decided that dating isn't my thing. I am going to concentrate on me. I know I say that often but the truth is I hate dating. I hate doing my hair, obsessing about what I am going to wear, what perfume to spray on, what shoes will make my legs look skinner, ect. Anyhow I hate the game. If you like me come get me if you dont tell me and I will stay away. Honesty always works for me. Why cant guys understand that? Well I am off tonight to a Festival at an elementary for Deaf children. I cant wait It will give me the opportunity that I have been looking for.. Well have a wonderful weekend. I will try to do better.

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