Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Its that time again

Halloween, It seems to be everyones favorite holiday. Is it because we can dress up as anything we want and final be ourselves? If anyone askes why we are different we can blame it on the costumes? I think that is part of it. Plus it is a time to scare, or try to scare, the crap out of ourselves.

Anyhow on another note, I havent heard from Gregg since thursday. I think his date on Saturday must have gone really well and I have been dismissed, if so I will be sorely dissapointed but I will get over it. I have been talking to this guy name Jake, he is very funny and seems quite intrested in me. We are going out next weekend, not this comming one, He is going to Lehi to help his sister cut up an Elk. Yucky, He offered to let me come down, but that doesn't sound really appealing. I guess we will see, I may be desperate enought for something to do.

I finally tlaked to this guy at church, I have been trying to get up enought nerves since July. I did it last night at FHE(family home evening) for my singles ward. WE carved pumpkins. Ok I didn't but I am saving mine so I can share the fun with my sister. Anyhow, we only talked about his pumpkin but then at least we talked.

Well things are going ok for me, I still haven't rented my basement but eventually. I keep thinking about getting a second job but with shcool I am not sure when I would have time. So I will probabaly not be going to school next semester so that I can pay off some more of my bills.

Well I suppose I should work.

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