Friday, September 02, 2005


Lonely and confused

Its been a little over twenty four hours since you said you werent ready to be anything and I am already missing you. See from the moment you first emailed me there was a connection. It was more then just "I think I like you". I had butterflies, we had so much in common. You made me laugh. Six hours after our first email you called me. We talked for hours and everything clicked. WE couldn't wait till the weekend we had to meet, even though it was 2:30 in the morning. You drove for an hour to see me. We were nervous, you sang for me and I melted. You were so tired. WE ended up falling asleep cuddling. When I left you were still sleeping like a baby and it was very sweet. My sister had to wake you up. We talked on the phone and you said you would call me later. Three hours later I needed to hear your voice. I called you and then you ended it. Even after everything we talked about you decided a relationship wouldn't work. Even friendship? You said that I deserved better and because you were afraid you couldn't keep your hands off of me that it was better to remain just friends. However, we will not be able to see each other we could just talk on the phone. You were afraid the temptation of being together would be to much. I was sorely dissappointed.
Now here I am at work wishing you would call me. I fill like a part of me is missing already. We had so much to look forward to but you couldn't control your hormones, or so you say. Now I am back to being lonely, except I also miss your arms around me. It hurts, I hurt and yet I cant cry.

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